Tom TruexIt is time to build a bigger, bolder Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC)!

When I first ran for Mayor, with no political background whatsoever, I thought I had a pretty good campaign team–my wife, my four young daughters, my parents and in-laws. As it turned out, the campaign team was pretty, but NOT pretty good. We did not win that election. But I was determined to make my home town, Davie, a better place to live. With the help of some members of my local Republican club, I learned how to build a campaign team, and won my next 3 elections.

Here’s the lesson that I learned: first time candidates typically spend most (or ALL) of their time learning HOW to campaign, rather than actually conducting a productive campaign. I learned how to build leadership and volunteer teams, set clear goals, organize tasks, communicate our message and provide positive reinforcement to the troops. And against all odds, in a democrat district in a democrat town, while being opposed by an incumbent Mayor and the police and fire unions–we won a council seat! A good Republican candidate can duplicate this process for success in ANY local election anywhere in Broward County. BREC needs to teach Republican candidates how to win elections. As your BREC Chairman, helping our local Republican candidates develop the tools necessary to be elected and re-elected, will be one of my foremost goals. We will build an extended board, by identifying key people, and developing upcoming leaders. I will mentor, mold and motivate our team. I will constantly challenge our team to get better and do more.

Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving Day!