Tom TruexElect Tom Truex as BREC Chairman:

One term as President for Barack Obama is one term too many. But there is one positive result of his reign, though at a terrible price. He has awakened many Americans–mostly conservatives–to the greatness of America and the need for attention to our Constitution and Republic! Welcome to the T.E.A. party movement and its many variations: rallies and many more. Unfortunately some Republicans have questioned whether these groups share our Republican values? And how do they fit into the Republican party?

For more than a decade I’ve attended countless Republican club, BREC and campaign meetings. I’ve heard numerous Republican leaders say, “you need to go home and invite your like-minded family, friends and neighbors to get involved in our GOP!” Since members of the TEA Party Movement, for the most part, share our Republican values, why has it taken so long to embrace them here in Broward County? While their style of presentation may differ from our traditional GOP methods, we need to harness the energy of the Tea Party to work on common goals.

As your BREC Chairman, I will work diligently with the leaders of these various groups to open doors, build bridges, and create a cooperative and inviting environment to work together. We will actively offer their Republican members the opportunity to apply for open committeewoman/man positions We will offer education and outreach to those who are not registered Republicans, so they learn what our platform stands for. We will work together to hold elected officials accountable; and, to elect and re-elect qualified, competent Republicans. The WELCOME mat is out!

We must look for ways to grow our party. We should not turn away like-minded citizens who might join our team and help our Republican causes and candidates. We must work to recapture the no party affiliates (NPA) and independents who left the GOP; but still identify with our Republican vision for the future of America. I will build and lead a team that is responsive to these shared ideas. By working with TEA party groups we will build a bigger, bolder, BREC!