I ask for your vote, on Monday, December 6, 2010, and your participation in building our Broward Republican Party!

Tom TruexCOMMITMENT: Over a decade ago I was called to run for public office, which led to eight years as an elected official. My political involvement for Republican candidates and Republican causes hasn’t ceased since. Please join me in creating a new paradigm for Broward Republicans. And it won’t just be a make over–I intend to build this party from the ground up, with both short term and long term implications. I have no plans nor intention to run for any other elected office. If elected as your Chairman, I’m here to serve BREC.

As your BREC Chairman, I will not, personally, either publicly or privately support any Republican candidates prior to a primary in a partisan election; because, it is the single greatest cause of the lack of unity and trust that we’ve experienced in our county party. And I will respectfully request ALL our new BREC officers and extended board to do the same.

Truex Family campaigning for Lisa HubertLONG TERM SERVICE: As an elected official, I was often called upon to counsel, coach and campaign for local candidates. In the past decade, I have assisted dozens of local/municipal campaigns all over the county in literally every aspect of the campaign. I have created websites, made walk, mail and phone lists from the Supervisor of Elections database, helped write speeches, developed strategies, and coached for debates. And yes, my family and I have spent our share of time walking door to door, making phone calls, and holding signs for candidates at intersections. I was glad to help. Winning local elections is the primary way to energize our local party so that we can grow our BREC membership and register Republicans county-wide.

I can and will run effective meetings and demand mutual respect and proper decorum at all times. Running a large meeting with lots of divergent and passionate opinions is a skill which takes time to learn. And frankly, not everyone is able to ever master this skill. I’m the only candidate for BREC Chair who has proven his ability in this type of forum–through six contentious years as Mayor in a democrat town at the height of real estate development in a distinctly anti-development town. I am the only candidate for BREC chair who has been fully vetted, both by the press, and the democrat opposition. And, I am the only candidate for BREC chair who has a track record of political fundraising—over $125,000 in just one municipal election. I will develop our leadership through an extended board, actively recruit and train candidates, and develop regional teams to better focus our resources and efforts.

May God bless you and may God bless America!