I’ve been encouraged by friends to seek the office of county Chair of the Broward Republican Party.1 Running for this office isn’t a decision that one should take lightly. Supporting a person for this office is not one that members of the GOP should take lightly either. Here are my thoughts on the direction of the Republican Party in Broward County.

    Where the Broward GOP needs to change:

  • Stability in leadership. We can’t be switching the party Chair every year or two. We need to unite, and work toward the same common goals. The county leadership should be experienced and unafraid to engage traditional and new media.
  • We need to rebuild from the ground up, starting with the fundamentals. Outreach one on one. Speaking in the schools, civic groups, homeowners groups and houses of worship. Where we’ve failed in the past is in letting the other party define us, rather than taking our superior message to the residents of Broward County.
  • Where the Broward GOP needs to NOT change:

  • Stick to the fundamental core values, as expressed in the party platform. We have a better message, BY FAR.


  1. Rico Petrocelli posted on his facebook page last evening that he had resigned as Chairman of the Broward GOP