Tom TruexTO:  Broward County Republicans
FROM:  Tom Truex

As you probably know, our Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) Chairman, Rico Petrocelli, recently resigned. The vote to replace him will take place soon. I am seeking to replace Rico as BREC Chairman.

Here’s why I ask you for your support:

  1. BREC needs to be united, with all Republicans working in the same direction. Our “opponents” are the Democrats and others who do not share our beliefs, as set out in our GOP Platform.
  2. I have the leadership skills to lead BREC.
  • I served two years as Council Member, and six years as Mayor of a large Broward city.
  • I have experience working with the media: TV, radio, newspapers, and new media. The media can crush the GOP (as it has historically done in the past), or it can help us with our message. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS skill – it is a key to changing the political climate of Broward County!
  • I have led, as chairman, or participated in the administrative bodies of a number of large not for profit and faith groups.
  • Ask your fellow BREC members, and you’ll confirm that I have a reputation—earned over more than a decade of service in Broward County—of being fair and reasonable in leadership roles.
  1. I have the real world experience of getting myself and others elected.
  • The day before I was first elected as a public official, my town’s Council was populated by 5 liberal Democrats. After I was Mayor, we elected 4 out of 5 Republicans.
  • I’ve helped a number of local, state, and federal Republicans get elected and re-elected. Sometimes my role was strategy and consultation. Other times it was making calls, walking door to door, and holding signs.

Where the Broward GOP needs to change:

  1. Stability in leadership. We can’t be switching the party Chair every year or two. We need to unite, and work toward the same common goals. The county leadership should be experienced and unafraid to engage traditional and new media.
  2. We need to rebuild from the ground up, starting with the fundamentals: outreach one on one, speaking in the schools, civic groups, homeowners groups and houses of worship. Where we’ve failed in the past is in letting the other party define us, rather than taking our superior message to the residents of Broward County.

Where the Broward GOP needs to NOT change:

  1. Stick to the fundamental core values, as expressed in the GOP platform. We have a better message, BY FAR, than any other party.

Please visit my Precinct website at 3T.BrowardRepublican.ORG to see my biography, and other information.