TO: Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC)
FROM: Tom Truex
RE: Elect Tom Truex as BREC Chair on March 18, 2013

Tom TruexI respect the efforts of Republicans who run for public office in Broward County. It is a difficult task, against long odds. You and your family will often be targets for vicious criticism and outright lies. Win or lose, any Republican in this county gains invaluable experience and insight from running for public office. But winning a race for public office, as a Republican in Broward County, is the only way one demonstrates that he or she knows how to win a local race.

When I first ran for Mayor, I had no political background whatsoever. I thought I had a pretty good campaign team–my wife, my four young daughters, my parents and my in-laws. As it turned out, the campaign team was pretty, but NOT pretty good. We did not win that election. Here’s an important lesson I learned: first time candidates typically spend most (or ALL) of their time learning HOW to campaign, rather than actually conducting a productive campaign.

I remained determined to make my home town a better place to live. With the help of some members of my local Republican club, I learned how to build a campaign team. I learned how to build leadership and volunteer teams, set clear goals, organize tasks, communicate our message, provide positive reinforcement to the troops, and get out the vote. We won my next 3 elections.

Serving as the chief elected official, such as mayor, is the only way to gain certain skills essential to BREC in 2013, such as:

  • Running a large, sometimes unruly meeting
  • Dealing successfully with media, including TV, radio, newspaper, and new media
  • Building consensus, setting and achieving goals on an executive board
  • Managing a large budget
  • Leading by example in an extremely public setting

I have been a member of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) for about twelve years in precinct 3T. I am the former Mayor of Davie. My family and I have lived and worked in Broward County for over 40 years. I know the issues facing Broward County and the GOP, which is why I request your vote for Chairman of BREC.