The newly reconstituted Board of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) has hit the ground running. Most of our initial work isn’t so easily captured in photographs. But here are a few pictures of some of the GOP around Broward county

Pompano Beach Republican Club

Pompano Beach Republican Club & friends

The Pompano Beach Repubican Club meets monthly. Mark McCarthy (BREC Treasurer) and I met with them this week.

Angela West (left) and Ginger Eisenrod

Angela West (left) and Ginger Eisenrod

Some of your BREC Board also attended the meeting of the Broward’s Republican Business Network. Angela West, wife of Congressman Allen West, was their keynote speaker.

And finally, here’s another photo of the election process at our last BREC Meeting.

BREC board

BREC Meeting on March 18, 2013

From left, Albert P. Massey, III (general counsel), Sharon Day (National Committee woman), Tom Truex (Chairman), Mark McCarthy (Treasurer), Cara Pavalock (Secretary), & Ryan Anderson (State Committeeman)