Ultra-liberal Democrat governatorial candidate, Nan Rich, is attacking the once proclaimed ultra-conservative (and now supposedly ultra-liberal), Charlie Crist.  According to the South Florida Review:


ULTRA-Liberal Nan Rich

Former state senator Nan Rich Wednesday night told would-be voters that her new opponent for the Democratic nomination for governor, Charlie Crist, has taken questionable positions on at least three key issues to Democrats: education, abortion and gun control. 

Rich, of Weston, speaking to the College Democrats of Florida Atlantic University, said she had issued Crist a challenge to debate on the issues, but he had not responded. She said she would put her credentials and positions on the issues against Crist, the former Republican governor of Florida, who lost a bid to the U.S. senate in 2010, and turned Democrat last year. 

“I’m a lifelong Democrat, a progressive Democrat and I am proud of that,” she said. “(Crist) is going to have to prove his credentials in this race.”