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Friday, February 27, 2015

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Are Florida Democrats As Ready for Hillary as Foreign Governments Are?

Tallahassee, Fla. – Chairman Blaise Ingoglia today questioned if Florida Democrats are as ready for Hillary Clinton as foreign governments seem to be.

“Recently, Hillary has made national headlines because the Clinton Foundation has been taking donations from foreign governments, even as she served as the Secretary of State,” said Chairman Ingoglia. “I wonder what Florida Democrats and Chairwoman Allison Tant have to say about this obviously ethically corrupt practice employed by the Clinton Foundation of taking money from foreign governments.”

“One has to ask, is the Florida Democratic Party ready to make Hillary their nominee and signal to America, like Hillary already has, that it’s acceptable to corrupt America’s political process by accepting donations from foreign treasuries?” said Chairman Ingoglia. “Are Florida Democrats ready to say ‘yes, you can buy the presidency, political favors and so much more with foreign money?’”

“I hope the answer is no; and, that they reject Hillary as their nominee, but it’s only a question that Chairwoman Tant and the Florida Democratic Party can answer,” concluded Chairman Ingoglia.

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Source: Republican Party of Florida