By chairman

Our annual Lincoln Day was one for the history books and was very well attended by both new and long-time Republicans. The event was featured in at least two national publications, two international reporters were at the event, multiple television stations were on hand, and even our local papers gave us a few good plugs. The event showcased presidential candidates and their surrogates, state senators, our Lt. Governor, several congressional candidates, gubernatorial candidates, leaders from the RNC and the RPOF, and more…and yes, we made a few dollars. Details to follow.

We thank Lincoln Day Dinner Chair Susan Gingerich, Vice Chairs Heather Moraitis and Teresa Sutton, and the 20+ volunteers who worked with us to keep our Republic alive and ensuring that Broward is a notable foe in the battle between freedom and dependency.

The BREC Board would like to thank Former Chairman Richard DeNapoli for taking the time to do a precinct training. The Board would also like to thank all those who attended. Returning a Republican to the White House will be won one vote, one block, and one street at a time.

Your Board is working with Southwest Republican Club President Jay Narang to bring our communications and website into …read more

Source: BREC